Valley Classical School (VCS) is a classical Christian school in the New River Valley that takes a collaborative approach to instruction.



Valley Classical School partners with families to cultivate a love of learning and a taste for what is true, good, and beautiful, equipping and inspiring each student to faithfully attend to God’s work.


Docere, Delectare, Movere (To Teach, To Delight, To Move)

Values and Approach

VCS is a classical Christian school that takes a collaborative approach to education. Students attend class on campus with trained teachers two days a week and then receive assignments to complete under the instruction of parents (co-teachers) at home. VCS values the content, aims, and methods of classical education and has a comprehensive curriculum that is well-rounded in the liberal arts and sciences. VCS Board Members, staff, and families come from a variety of churches and denominations, and we agree on a statement of faith.

Our Distinctives

VCS is the first Classical, Collaborative school in the New River Valley. We are distinctive in a number of areas, including the following:

  • Integrated Classical Curriculum

  • Cost-Effective Tuition

  • Individualized Reading Program

  • Involved Parents

  • Experienced, Christian Teachers

  • Small Class Sizes