need-based scholarship

VCS will offer a limited number of need-based scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year. The scholarship will be distributed in the form of a 25% reduction in tuition for families that qualify. Scholarship applications may be submitted at any time, but scholarship awards may only be applied to future semesters.

Important Facts

  • The scholarship award per student is 25% of tuition. For this coming year, scholarship awards are limited to, at most, two students per family.

  • The scholarship application could take up to six weeks to process so we advise completing the application and submitting the requested documentation as soon as possible.

  • Scholarships are awarded each year based on family need, as determined by a Confidential Financial Analysis which is conducted by Confidential Financial Services (CFS) of Littleton, CO. You will be responsible for the $35 fee this company collects to cover the cost of processing the form.

  • Scholarship awards are made on an annual basis. You will need to re-apply for the scholarship each year so that your eligibility can be re-confirmed.

  • The deadline for having a scholarship application submitted and verified to CFS for the 2020-2021 school year is April 30th 2020.

  • The VCS application fee of $150 is fully refundable if you are unable to enroll due to not receiving a scholarship.

  • The scholarship applies to tuition for all courses and electives, but the scholarship does not apply to fees, books, uniforms, or other costs.

How to apply

Please follow these steps to apply for a need-based scholarship:  

  • Visit

    • If you are first-time applicant, choose "Create a new account"

    • If you are renewing a current scholarship, choose "Log-in with previous year's credentials"

  • Enter your user name and password (plus general contact information if this is your first application).

  • Click "Apply for Tuition Assistance" in the left menu.

  • When prompted, enter the VCS school number which is 11135.

  • Select the school year you are applying for.

  • Pay the $30 processing fee and complete the online application. Note that applications and worksheets can be downloaded from the lefthand menu if you wish to view them before completing the online application.

  • Respond to any emails from CFS, if applicable.

  • Wait for confirmation of your scholarship from VCS after CFS processes and verifies your application.