• Tuition: $3275 per student for the 2019-2020 school year

  • Electives: there will be a cost associated with any elective class that a family opts to take part in. If offered, the elective class period will follow the last period of a normal school day.


  • Application fee: $150. This is a one-time fee per family regardless of the number of children applying.

  • Family enrollment fee: $350. This is a yearly enrollment fee that reserves student slots for the coming year. The fee is per family (not per student). The $350 therefore covers all children from a given family enrolling for the year regardless of the number of children applying. The $350 enrollment fee applies to all applications received during the Standard Enrollment period (applications received on or before April 15th). Applications received after April 15th will be considered as part of the Extended Enrollment period. The enrollment fee for the Extended Enrollment period is $400 per family.

Other Costs

  • Books: Families are responsible for purchasing books for their students. VCS supplies a detailed list of books needed for the year and then families purchase the books on their own. This allows for families to decide if they wish to purchase new or used books. Book cost varies from year to year depending on the class and whether families choose to purchase new or used books. VCS estimates that book cost per student ranges from $200 to $400 per year.

  • Uniforms: $100 to $200 per student. Uniforms are purchased through Lands' End. Details on how to purchase uniforms are provided to families upon enrollment.